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Re: (SOLVED) Huge fonts in openoffice.org user interface

On Wed, 21 Feb 2007 10:18:40 +0100
"Dan H." <dunno@stoptrick.com> wrote:


> Still gnawing my teeth on this problem I googled again, and found this
> snippet by Liam O'Toole. Ironically this had come up in the very
> thread I created, but must have got buried in the many other posts on
> this list (does anybody know how to automatically mark whole threads,
> and new contributions to them, as "Important" in Thunderbird?).

Because I heard no more from you, I assumed you'd fixed it. A quiet
user is usually a happy user :-)


> Now of course the next interesting question is out of which hat Gnome
> pulls its 96dpi idea.


That value is arbitrarily chosen by the GNOME people. It has been
argued that GNOME should use the same value as the resolution of the X
server instead, but to no avail.


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