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Re: Debian "Etch" OpenGL libraries

On Tue February 20 2007 07:21, Srikanth Venigandla wrote:
> Hi,
>    I am trying to install a software called Geant4 on my debian "Etch"
> installation of x86_64 architecture (intel EMT64). I figured out that
> OpenGL libraries installation is incomplete on my system. I tried posting
> the error message in Geant4 website where I got the suggestion to check
> OpenGL libraries installtion. I have cross checked with other installation
> on RedHat linux and found that several libraries in /usr/X11R6/lib
> directory are missing in my debian installation. These libraries as I
> suppose are related to X windows and OpenGL libraries. I checked in package
> manager and serched web and installed all the possible software pkgs that
> are similar to these libraries but I couldn't get it work. My installation
> doesn't open any OpenGL window. Could anyone please specify where can I
> download these drivers and which libraries make my installation complete.
> Note: I have installed NVidia drivers on my system. Will there be any
> conflicts b/w NVidia drivers and OpenGL libraies? Thanks
> Srikanth.

I use the nvidia driver with libsdl often and don't have any problems. Try 
running the command from a console and see if you can see what the error is. 
I have had to install different libs at times to get things working. Is that 
a 32 bit app you are trying to run? If so you'll need the ia32-libs package 
as well as nvidia-glx-ia32 to get that going. ~/.xsession-errors may also 
provide a clue.

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