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Re: Returning from screensaver doesnt work

On Mon, 2007-02-19 at 13:29 +0200, Otto Peura wrote:
> I have 2 screen system with nvidia-glx-drivers and tv-out. If my
> computer is idle, it of course goes to screensaver mode and it locks
> with a password (like it should do)
> But unlocking my computer doesnt work. I can't see the password dialog
> at all. It sometimes comes to my TV but sometimes it doesnt show up at
> all. Usually I can still unlock by pressing tab "blindly" and then
> typing the password, blindly as well. Sometimes even that doesnt work
> and I need to restart X to get back to my desktop. I think that this
> bug is due to 2 screens, so that the password dialog quite randomly
> goes to one screen or another. Though sometimes it doesnt show up at
> all. I think it should always show up in the primary display : 0.0 as
> it is quite common to have TV as another screen which is not always
> on.

Do you use GNOME and gnome-screensaver? I think there are some bugs in
the version shipped with Etch when it comes to nvidia twinview.

> Another thing which is related to this question. Why can the user
> restart X without typing the password in this case? If a malicious
> user comes to my desktop when it is "locked", he can't use it without
> the password but he can do some real harm by restarting X which makes
> all my unused jobs vanish. Shouldnt restarting X be password-secured
> if the computer is locked? 

I suggest you use the DontZap option and disable this in X. See the
xorg.conf man page.

Sven Arvidsson
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