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Re: Installing Etch with GUI on T20

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 09:13:16 +0000, john gennard wrote:


> This morning, I reconfigured X using the 'vesa' driver and you
> were perfectly right in your supposition. It now boots directly into 
> Gnome (some tweaking will be necessary - the display is not very good
> due no doubt to some of the choices I made). I shall revert to Kde
> later (at present, I have to deal with another problem - the major
> upgrade to Etch on my main box has broken Kde).

There is one more quick thing that you can try: Go to 


and copy/paste your "lspci -n" output into the form. You will get a list
of known drivers for your hardware. Maybe you have to choose a different
driver to get best performance. However, it possible that your card is
too new and that you have to wait for the next version of Xorg to have
it fully supported.


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