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Re: Introduction

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Chris Bannister wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 12:01:09PM -0800, tom arnall wrote:
>> I booted from the Ubuntu CD the other day and was very impressed. It got my 
>> wireless card right off. Back 6 months ago when I did a Debian install from 
>> the minimal cd, I had to recompile the kernel etc to get my card to work. 
>> Does anyone know if this has changed? 
>> I am thinking seriously of recommending Ubuntu as a starting point for new 
>> users. Comments on the advantages/disadvantages of this idea are encouraged. 
> Its a good idea to try a Live CD first.
>> What is involved for a user to switch from Ubuntu to Debian?
> There is a big difference between running an Ubuntu live CD then
> expecting everything to work when you install Debian. Some hand-holding
> maybe in order lest they be put off Unix/Linux forever!
> I am interested in the process of configuring a Debian system from the
> configs of an 'Ubuntu live CD' or a 'Knoppix' or a 'Damn Small Linux'
> business-card CD.
> Anyone know of any docs?

If you're interested in the ubuntu live CD, you install it, you get
Ubuntu.  Knoppix can install to the HD and is copy of the CD/DVD.  It
usually works although it isn't officially supported.  DSL has
documentation on their website that explains how to convert it to Debian.

You might also be interested in looking at Dreamlinux:
which is a Brazilian distro that has a very nice ultility called MKDistro.

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