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Re: SoundBlaster AWE64 ISAPNP on etch

#include <hallo.h>
* Kevin Mark [Sat, Feb 03 2007, 12:54:13AM]:

> > But when I try to play any sort of sound (audio CD, raw PCM file, etc.) I 
> > just get static from the speakers.
> > 
> > I have also tried:
> > # modprobe sound
> > # modprobe sound-core
> > but cannot determine what effect, if any, these have.
> > 
> > any advice?
> the basic advice is to at least include the output of 'lspci' (assuming
> its a pci card). And telling us if 'alsaconf' has any problems. Did you

You do not need to assume but to read the subject. It is not a PCI card.
Generaly, the snd-sbawe module is used for this card... however, it
seems that all ISA soundcard support has been removed in the current
kernels. Does anyone know what happened to it?

> try running 'alsaconf' as root and then using 'alsamixer' to turn up all
> the volumes and hit 'm' so that the controls DO NOT SHOW 'm'. 'm' means
> mute, but you use 'm' to toggle this.

And install alsa-utils to save the volume on shutdown.


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