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Re: New server: Sarge or Etch?

Marco De Vitis wrote:
in the next few days I'll have to replace an old server running Debian Sarge with a new machine, and I was wondering: maybe I should directly install Etch on it, now that it almost reached its "stable" status?

I know I could install Sarge and then upgrade to Etch afterwards, but a previous upgrade from Woody to Sarge was not totally successful, so I'd prefer to avoid this, if possible.

It's a production server so stability is important, although it mostly serves as a Samba PDC and file sharing machine, mailserver only for internal (LAN) mail, and some other minor stuff (HTTP, Jabber...).


You can check bug reports to see if packages you are using are affected with some bugs that can cause you problems. Etch is not quite stable, look at http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/. Sarge had less than 10 critical bugs when released and Etch currently has around 100. It don't know how much will be fixed and when, you can try to predict it from the graph.

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