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Re: New server: Sarge or Etch?

On 03/02/2007 14:40, Marko Randjelovic wrote:

You can check bug reports to see if packages you are using are affected with some bugs that can cause you problems. Etch is not quite stable, look at http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/. Sarge had less than 10

Thanks, this can be a good idea, although it will be difficult to understand which bugs will really affect my system... e.g., I'm worried by the reported bug on apcupsd, but when reading the report I understand that it doesn't happen to everyone. Maybe I should simply try Etch and see, before putting the machine into production.

Thanks to the others for their suggestions, too; Etch currently wins 2-1 over Sarge ;). Oh, and sorry for the double message, I thought the first one had not reached the list.


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