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Re: Laptop Recommendations?

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Actually, I'm surprised at how most "linux-laptop" vendors offer mostly
> laptops with 2 buttons only, given that X11 has traditionally been used
> with 3-button mice, and so many applications make use of all 3.

My Thinkpads actually have 5, though two are just 'duplicates' of the
other 'left' and 'right' ;-)

I don't miss the logo keys on mine, though I could probably remap one of
the other 'surplus' keys for that purpose. I like the touchpad, the
keybord and the display better than that of any non-Thinkpad laptop that
I've ever seen and tried.

While we're at it, also take care that the laptop of your liking doesn't
have the page-up/down, delete keys etc. in inconvenient or dangerously
silly positions...


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