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Re: XML editor wanted!

On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 12:23:17PM -0800, RParr wrote:
> Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Actually, I find it somewhat ironic.  Most of the programming 
> development IDEs force you to use a less than vi-or-emacs level editing 
> environment and brag about their ability to enhance productivity through 
> visual aids for programming BUT then seem to lack any understanding as 
> to why a documentor or XML editor might want visual aids that enhance 
> productivity.

Most programming languages were designed to be coded by hand as plain 
ASCII text files, so a plain ASCII text editor, with very few add-ons, 
is perfectly adequate.

XML was designed to be read and written by automata, not 
humans, and so you need all the tech support you can get.

As a developer, I understand.

As a developer, I also inderstand that XML is a crazily complicated 
specification, probably much more complicated than needed to do its job.

-- hendrik

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