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Re: XML editor wanted!

Johannes Graumann wrote:
Greg Folkert wrote:

These are to Oxygen what nano is to emacs ... childsplay.
If you want Whizzbang, Wizard style, auto-magic crap, then why use a
powerful OS?

I say its:

"Go back to Windows and Visual * something studio Pro-Live-Vista Crap"

And leave our "unpretty" but exceptionally powerful because you can
actually SEE what is going on OS.

If you want help, then stop being a SNOB or Asshat, to the people you

Point taken, but seriously: I've been writing XML using kate for a long
while now and let me tell you: using this whizzbang wizard style visual
crap instead, my productivity just goes through the roof in comparison. I'm
quite religious about open source (forced my new work place into giving me
a self-administered box, which instead of XP runs sid and the evil stuff
only through a virtual machine) and using ion3 as my window manager, you
will have a hard time calling me an eye candy addact or "doesn't want any
contact with the inner workings", but pragmatism will probably dictate to
leave the pure teachings for this particular task ... You call me a snob, but your disdain of an editor supporting its user while
dealing with highly structured stuff is nothing else either - no?


I too have been looking for XML/XHTML/HTML editors in Linux and/or Java.

I am still using SoftQuad HotMetal running in a VMware W2K environment. I would really like to move on but have been unable to find anything that is as productive in Linux or Java that is stable enough to use.

I have found there appears to be more available in Java than Linux. The Java based editors (like Oxygen) seem to be far enough along to be reasonably stable and reasonably full featured although most (ala Oxygen) still seem to have stability problems when I try running them in a Linux environment.

In Linux, I found Quanta Plus to be a reasonable feature replacement for HotMetal BUT it seems to have major stability problems when running in visual, prettty-much-WYSIWYG mode. I have looked forward to each new update hoping this one would let me move my editing onto Linux but it has yet to work that way. Further, I get the impression (from the news group) that the developers feel the visusal mode problems are not that important (because *real* coders do not need such productivity enhancement er crutches).

I have tried using Nvu (development halted), Amaya, Mozilla/Seamonky Composer, OpenOffice (HTML edit mode), etc. and have found none of them adequate for full-time XML/XHTML document editing.

Some of the Java ones seem reasonable IF you have good DTD/Schema and associated CSS definitions. Unfortunately, none provide the DTD/CSS required to edit XHTML and I do not have the considerable time required to develop those.

Actually, I find it somewhat ironic. Most of the programming development IDEs force you to use a less than vi-or-emacs level editing environment and brag about their ability to enhance productivity through visual aids for programming BUT then seem to lack any understanding as to why a documentor or XML editor might want visual aids that enhance productivity.

Let me know what you find.

R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts

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