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Re: Laptop Recommendations? Thinkpad

Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> schrieb am 02.02.2007 09:34:50:

> I've just acquired a Lenovo Thinkpad Z61M and am still in the process of
> setting up Debian on it. It's a beautiful machine, if expensive. Last
> time I bought a Thinkpad, about 2 years ago, I deleted all traces of
> Windows. This time I decided to keep it, mainly because about once or
> twice a year I need to test some Windows programme or other. The reason
> quoted above is another which I hadn't thought of. 

> Keeping Windows was quite a struggle because I had difficulties
> shrinking the partition (discussed elsewhere on this list). I finally
> managed it after a day and a half. I nearly gave up but it did work in

I installed Debian/unstable on a new Thinkpad Z61p.
Unfortunately my usual procedure using netboot Debian-NetInstaller didn't 
because it didnt liked the Broadcom TG3 ethernet.
So I booted from Knoppix v5.11 DVD to
+ first use gparted to shrink the WinXP-Partition to 10GB
+ added new partitions for Linux boot, root and SWAP
+ setup cryptsetup-luks on new root
+ installed debian with debootstrap
+ install grub
+ installed the ATI fglrx-driver from experimental, although the VESA one 
also works with 1920x1200
+ using customized kernel from ftp.kernel.org

Thanks to www.thinkwiki.org I got all the devices working,
eg. HDASP hardisk-protection, Intel 3945 WLAN, battery, thinkpad control 
stuff (ibm-acpi) etc.

Even the fingerprint reader works using the great young stuff from 

Suspend to Disk via uswusp s2disk sometimes rejects to do it,
I haven't found out the offending driver/circumstances yet.
Also I noticed that after resume the display output is very very slow,
but I expect that to be hopefully fixed in near future by ATI/newer 

So overall I'm happy with it.

Negative points:

The Z61p BIOS doesn't proivide a switch to Enable the Core2DUo 
VT-functionality yet.
On the X60's and T60 it is already available.
That prevented me to use Xen HVM.
Hopefully Lenovo will add this feature with the next BIOS otherwise it 
would be a major cripple of this Core2Duo-System.

I also tried unsuccesfully to start the shrinked WinXP partition under 
VMWare server using a separate hardware-profile,
but it keeps dying BSOD upon boot. Anyone managed to do this without a new 
clean WinXP-install?


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