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I have been fighting with this damned Debian 3.1 - Sergeant Wolly or some such - and I can't even print.  I have also installed JRE, but I haven't found out how to connect it to Firefox.

I can't downlosd from my digital camera.

I can only play a few of the video formats out on the web.  There doesn't seem to be any one that will play them all, or, failing that, convert to a format that will play on what I have (Totem, RealPlayer which doesn't really work).

Every time I go looking for solutions I wind up going in circles and drowning in a mass of half-baked how-to's and advice on how to run files that no longer exist or led from one useless document to another as I RTFM.  Well, boys and girls, so far any FM I have encountered is NFG or NWAPOCS (Not Worth A Pinch...).  I can't say that it's not entertaining, but I need a complete operating system and not some ill-fitting patches.

Before anyone decides to engage in infantile gibberish, otherwise known as rants or flames, don't waste my time.

What I really want to know is why this is so difficult to put together and how it can be done without me becoming a systems engineer.  Not that I'd mind, it's just that, currently, I just don't have the time.
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