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Re: goddammit

On Friday 02 February 2007 17:16, Incoming shared this with us all:
>--} I have been fighting with this damned Debian 3.1 - Sergeant Wolly or
> some such - and I can't even print.  I have also installed JRE, but I
> haven't found out how to connect it to Firefox. --}
>--} I can't downlosd from my digital camera.
>--} I can only play a few of the video formats out on the web.  There
> doesn't seem to be any one that will play them all, or, failing that,
> convert to a format that will play on what I have (Totem, RealPlayer which
> doesn't really work). --}
>--} Every time I go looking for solutions I wind up going in circles and
> drowning in a mass of half-baked how-to's and advice on how to run files
> that no longer exist or led from one useless document to another as I RTFM.
>  Well, boys and girls, so far any FM I have encountered is NFG or NWAPOCS
> (Not Worth A Pinch...).  I can't say that it's not entertaining, but I need
> a complete operating system and not some ill-fitting patches. --}
>--} Before anyone decides to engage in infantile gibberish, otherwise known
> as rants or flames, don't waste my time. --}
>--} What I really want to know is why this is so difficult to put together
> and how it can be done without me becoming a systems engineer.  Not that
> I'd mind, it's just that, currently, I just don't have the time. --}

You might be trying to do too many things at once.
You might just install etch, or upgrade to etch. From the net or whatever way 
you want. That will do some of the things for you.

Then once done, one thing at a time, and people here will be able to help you.

It is good, wise and a great help to people who will gladly help you;- 
if you post any error messages. 
If you describe the hardware, eg.... camera you are trying to mount.

Frustration is understood on this list. But most people have worked through it 
and have perfectly running systems on laptops, desktops and other tops.
So it's doable, and some have done it easier than others.
But you give no information in your post.
Maybe try again.
We understand your frustration, but that was when we had absobloominlootly no 
idea either, and were helped through it on this list.

Be well,

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