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Re: goddammit

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 10:16:44PM -0800, Incoming wrote:
> I have been fighting with this damned Debian 3.1 - Sergeant Wolly or some such - and I can't even print.  I have also installed JRE, but I haven't found out how to connect it to Firefox.
OK.  Where did you obtain the JRE?  How did you install the JRE?

> I can't downlosd from my digital camera.
OK.  How are you trying to download from your camera?  Did you get any
errors?  What did they say?

> I can only play a few of the video formats out on the web.  There doesn't seem to be any one that will play them all, or, failing that, convert to a format that will play on what I have (Totem, RealPlayer which doesn't really work).
OK.  What media player are you using?  Are you pulling packages from
www.debian-multimedia.org?  What errors are you getting?

> Every time I go looking for solutions I wind up going in circles and drowning in a mass of half-baked how-to's and advice on how to run files that no longer exist or led from one useless document to another as I RTFM.  Well, boys and girls, so far any FM I have encountered is NFG or NWAPOCS (Not Worth A Pinch...).  I can't say that it's not entertaining, but I need a complete operating system and not some ill-fitting patches.
OK.  Debian is a complete operating system.  However, some assembly is

> Before anyone decides to engage in infantile gibberish, otherwise known as rants or flames, don't waste my time.
It seems that you have wasted people's time here with your rant without
any useful information that can be used to help you fix/get past your

> What I really want to know is why this is so difficult to put together and how it can be done without me becoming a systems engineer.  Not that I'd mind, it's just that, currently, I just don't have the time.

It's not that difficult.  If you will provide examples of commands that
you have run and the resulting output/errors, then we can help.  I don't
think anyone on this list is clairvoyant.



Roberto C. Sanchez

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