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Re: Boot logs ?

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On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 19:00:57 +0000 (GMT)
"s. keeling" <keeling@spots.ab.ca> wrote:

> >  deb ftp://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/debian/ testing main non-free contrib
> >  deb-src ftp://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/debian/ testing main non-free contrib
> >  deb http://security.debian.org/ testing/updates main contrib non-free
> > 
> > >   ii) IFF that points to Etch/testing, have you done a dist-upgrade?
> > 
> >      It doesn't but I have done many update/dist-upgrades since the
> >  installation.
> Welcome to testing (Etch), at least for the moment.  As soon as Etch
> goes stable, that sources.list is set up to take you automatically to
> Lenny.  You can forestall that (stay with Etch), if you wish, by
> replacing the string "testing" with "etch" now.  Then you'll stay with
> Etch when it goes stable.  I prefer to use the names.  That lets me
> see what others run into in the upgrade before I jump.  YMMV.

   Yes I have done that already, along with the suggestion of keeping "testing"
on the security update line to ensure I get them!

> >  switch to Debian I haven't booted it. But Debian is just different
> >  enough from Ubuntu that I feel a bit lost at times.
> They are a bit of an odd crowd.  

  No disagreement here.

> Someone mentioned the other day the
> single greatest accomplishment of *buntu so far has been vacuuming the
> worst of the clueless noobs out of here and into *buntu.  

  There are days I feel like one....I wonder how many have come to Debian from
the forks. For me there are just too many unanswered questions in that crowd,
similar to Mepis. I think the attraction to Ubuntu is the bleeding edge
approach they are taking, but I wonder sometimes if they haven't bitten off
more than they can chew :)

> No, you
> don't appear to meet that specification at all so far.  :-)

   Nice to know :)

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