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Re: Boot logs ?

On Thursday 01 February 2007 21:57, Frank McCormick wrote:
> >
> > Welcome to testing (Etch), at least for the moment.  As soon as
> > Etch goes stable, that sources.list is set up to take you
> > automatically to Lenny.  You can forestall that (stay with Etch),
> > if you wish, by replacing the string "testing" with "etch" now. 
> > Then you'll stay with Etch when it goes stable.  I prefer to use
> > the names.  That lets me see what others run into in the upgrade
> > before I jump.  YMMV.
>    Yes I have done that already, along with the suggestion of
> keeping "testing" on the security update line to ensure I get them!

Why must the security line in sources.list read "testing" rather 
than "etch"?


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