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Re: [TLUG]: running windows via kvm module -- any experiences?

On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 06:59:44PM -0500, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> Nope, core duo is fine as well.  I have a Dell inspiron 6400 with a T2400 
> (IIRC) ... definitely a core duo and definitely has VT.  All core duos from 
> T2200 and up (if not earlier) should have VT capability.  I've tried HP, 
> Toshiba and Dell laptops and all had VT enabled and working fine for Xen.

The table I found on intel's site I think said the 2300E does not, but
the 2300 (no E) and up does.  I guess E means 'economy', which of course
means you don't get all the features but still get to pay plenty of
money. :)

> Wish I'd stuck with the Toshiba, it had Intel graphics.  On the toshiba 
> graphics and suspend all worked out of the box - without ATI graphics not so 
> much, I suppose there are some functional ATI drivers that I could download 
> from somewhere but I'm too lazy to look ;-)

Not necesarily.  My experience has been that there really aren't fully
functional drivers for an ATI.  Mostly functional certainly, but never

Len Sorensen

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