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Re: [TLUG]: running windows via kvm module -- any experiences?

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 10:52, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 09:47:29AM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> > yes, I know.  the core-duo hcips seem the obvious hcoice, probably
> > either a thinkpad x60 or a sony sz series.
> Make that Core 2 Duo.  The core Duo probably won't do it at all.

Nope, core duo is fine as well.  I have a Dell inspiron 6400 with a T2400 
(IIRC) ... definitely a core duo and definitely has VT.  All core duos from 
T2200 and up (if not earlier) should have VT capability.  I've tried HP, 
Toshiba and Dell laptops and all had VT enabled and working fine for Xen.

Wish I'd stuck with the Toshiba, it had Intel graphics.  On the toshiba 
graphics and suspend all worked out of the box - without ATI graphics not so 
much, I suppose there are some functional ATI drivers that I could download 
from somewhere but I'm too lazy to look ;-)

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Georgetown, Ontario, Canada                               Debian GNU/Linux

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