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Re: Outlook clients and Linux Debian

On Wed, Jan 31, 2007 at 05:22:15PM -0800, SAJChurchey wrote:
> I'm also looking for a solution similar to this. Right now, I'm trying
> out eGroupWare. I'm not sure what support is in Debian for this, but
> according to the eGroupWare site, they have been working on this
> functionality, although the outdated references I've seen to iCalSrv
> (or something like that) says it's experimental and not for production
> If there are any debian packages that can handle this, I'd be very
> interested to know, but I haven't found anything in the stable tree so
> far. There are many web-based calendaring apps (like webcalendar and
> egroupware), but I'm not sure if they they can sync w/ a desktop
> client.

I don't need group ware but I'm running Etch.  I just searched aptitude
(~dgroupware) and there seem to be quite a few different suites, some of
which can interoperate with MS stuff.


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