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Re: Outlook clients and Linux Debian

I'm also looking for a solution similar to this. Right now, I'm trying
out eGroupWare. I'm not sure what support is in Debian for this, but
according to the eGroupWare site, they have been working on this
functionality, although the outdated references I've seen to iCalSrv
(or something like that) says it's experimental and not for production
use. I'll let you know after I explore eGroupWare a little.

Otherwise, I THINK that Outlooks depends on M$ Exchange Server for
this functionality and doesn't depend on any open standards (like
iCal) to accomplish this, and I've not heard of a package that
emulated this. I'm not sure about iCal support in Outlook either.

We're trying to use something like Lightning or Sunbird as a calendar
app, and they use iCal and can use WebDAV. I've considered setting up
WebDAV directories in Apache and seeing if I can set up a makeshift
calendar system this way, but I'm sure it would have it's limitations
in the sharing department.

If there are any debian packages that can handle this, I'd be very
interested to know, but I haven't found anything in the stable tree so
far. There are many web-based calendaring apps (like webcalendar and
egroupware), but I'm not sure if they they can sync w/ a desktop

Offhand, I've heard that Sun has a java-based calendar server
available in Java. I'm sure I could find some GPL software out there
to do this, but it's easier to manage servers and updates if there are
supported packages in the debian repos.

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