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Re: NTP dynamic servers?

On Jan 27, 2007, at 2:19 PM, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:

I used to run chrony (with difficulty) but ran into a problem with my
new box: it couldn't access the hwclock. If I told it not to, (so that
the hwclock shutdown script could work), it really messed up my time.
So I switched to ntp.  I access the net with ppp and put a script into
ip-up.d to restart ntp when the link comes up.  Yes, ntp will jump
instead of skew since a skew can take a __very__ long time to

If you're running "etch", you might want to try the etch "ntpdate" package. It's configured to run ntpdate and jump the clock to the correct time every time a network interface is brought up. You should probably not run ntp at the same time -- in this mode, the two will fight about who controls the system clock.


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