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Re: Sound on M/board

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 09:34:25AM +0000, john gennard wrote:
Hi John, 
sorry if I snap at ya. I'm used to the ocassional wipper-snapper who
just asks something with out doing any research. It seems that your
issue is a bit non-standard which caught me off-gard. 

> Sorry, Kev, but I don't understand. I know I'm nearly 77 and
> have none of the audio expertise which all of younger generations 
> have. Can I explain what I have.
> The Motherboard has onboard audio (the manual says 'Realtek
> ALC888 7.1 channel audio CODEC with High Definition audio').
> [I've never used onboard sound before - I have always put in
> a Sound card, but now want to see what the onboard sound offers].
> Output/Input to the onboard stuff seems to be automatic to
> the six sockets at the rear (after the installation of drivers).
> I am getting sound to speakers from the rear, although, as I
> told Hugo, I don't yet know what all the sockets do.

Now it makes sense. You have the rear sound as part of the MB. No wires
there. That was the confusion. The rear panel has:

grey  -side speaker lt blue-line in
black -rear speaker green  -front speaker
orange-center bass  pink   -microphone
left         right
rear         rear

left        right
side        side

so, regular two channel sound would just require you hooking up to the
'front speaker' aka green plug.

> Now, the case has a further option which it seems the Motherboard
> supports. At the front there are two additional USB sockets and
> two sockets for sound. The case provides three cables, two for USB
> to connect to pins on the Motherboard (I've no problem with these),
> and one to enable the sound sockets. The Motherboard Manual seems
> to expect me to have a 9 pin plug - I don't, I have 7 connectors
> and am confused by differing phraseology so am not sure which goes
> where. I know about having to change Bios settings.

so the board did not come with a wire to connect to your chassis. This
is where the confusion started. So you have a wire but dont know how to
connect it. 

| |6|7|8| |9|  PCI headers
| |1|2|3|4|5|  PCI headers
|              PCI headers
|              PCI headers
|              PCI headers
|              PCI headers
|  HDMI    game
|  header  header
On most boards, pin 1 is maked in some way--maybe a spot of ink or
red color.

From the manual, it says to do the following for basic 2 channel audio:
audio right->pin 3
audio left ->pin 5
ground     ->pin 6
mic        ->pin 1
pin 8 and pin 9 are for HD audio, what ever that means.

> I can see some advantage to using the easily accessible front panel
> both for USB devices and Sound so I'd just like to have it available.
> Hugo pointed me to a site which gives good info about the
> Motherboard and heavily criticises the quality of the Manual,
> so after all I may not be completely stupid or senile!
> Thanks for you responses.
hope this help.
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