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Re: Sound on M/board

On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 09:29:14AM +0000, john gennard wrote:
> Normally, I use a Sound Card, but with a new Asrock
> 775Dual-VSTA board, there's a front panel socket which
> I'd like to try, but I don't understand the connectors.
> The M/board Manual has 'Front Panel Audio Header'
> '(9-pin-HD_AUDIO1)' and pins for 'GND, Presence, Mic_Ret,
> Out_Ret, Mic2 L, Mic2 R, Out2 R, J Sense, and Out2 L'.
> The case has a bunch of 7 connectors, viz:-
> 'Spkout R, Mic bias, Return L. Mic in, Return R,
> Spkout L, and Gnd'. How do I connect (ie. which connector
> to which pin)? Also what would the two extra pins be
> for if I had connectors extra connectors?
> Also, there is a 3pin HDMI_SPDIF Header on the board,
> but after a quick read I've decided to leave that for a
> later date as my audio needs are very basic (I was brought
> up when a crystal set and record/cylinder player were
> state of the art - later we had radiograms which were
> 'rocket science')
> Can someone please help.
> Also, I have 6 sockets on the rear of the M/board. These
> are 'Side speaker, Rear speaker, Central/bass, Line in,
> Front speaker and Microphone'. I have a number of Speakers
> including a Cambridge Soundworks EAX, (a central box and 4
> small 'satellite' speakers). I've only ever been able to get
> this lot to work on my main box using a single jack plug,
> and then only the central box and two small speakers give
> out any sound.
Hi John,
You should do your own research. Here is the pdf for your board, it has
(hint: the green plug is for 2 channel audio)
This is not a Gnu/linux or Debian issue.

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