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Re: 2.4 series kernel on Sid

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

> maybe you mentioned this before, but what is your X/2.6 problem?

Just horning in on this thread here; there are 2 reasons why I run 2.4
on my current sarge box:

1. I have random keyboard freezes on boot-up with the 2.6.8-3-k7 kernel

2. The SPICE package I'm frequently using doesn't work under 2.6.

I'm expecting to be upgraded to etch any day now when I do aptitude
update && aptitude upgrade. Won't my 2.4 kernel just stay installed?

Of course I'm looking forward to a 2.6. kernel that doesn't cause these
problems any more because I can't get the 3D acceleration of my nVidia
card to work under 2.4, which means no Google Earth (which in turn means
I actually have to work instead of goofing off).


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