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Re: Server recommendations?

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007 23:05:04 +0100, Stefan Bellon wrote
> I'm looking for server hardware with the following contraints: dual 
> or quad core 64-bit CPU at >2.5 GHz and more than 16 GB of RAM. And 
> of course it should run Debian GNU/Linux without problems. 
> Everything else is not that important.
> Anything people can recommend?
I've always been in favor of buying gear seperately and building
it myself. The down side is that you might get less warranty on parts if you 
buy them seperately.

Antec cases and Power supply have always been my favorite.
The Antec Titan will hold the larger size Server Motherboards.

Lately, I've been eyeing up this gear:

Intel S5000VSA series

Also, 2 x Intel Xeon's 51xx Series

A server with Antec case, PS, Intel board and Intel CPU's with
8 gig of PC2-5300 RAM and 6 x 320 GB SATA2 Hard drives came out to about
$4200.00 CAN. before taxes.

Installed AMD64 Etch on a similar box and it runs great.
The S5000VSA has sensors that the ipmitool can read for MB temp and
CPU, along with fan rpm.


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