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Re: Server recommendations?

On Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 11:05:04PM +0100, Stefan Bellon wrote:
> I'm looking for server hardware with the following contraints: dual or
> quad core 64-bit CPU at >2.5 GHz and more than 16 GB of RAM. And of
> course it should run Debian GNU/Linux without problems. Everything else
> is not that important.
> Anything people can recommend?

I looked into this when I was designing my new system.  What you want is
beyond my budget but I was pointed towards Tyan boards.  I drooled over
their quad opteron with 8 GB RAM per CPU.  Of course, each CPU could be
dual or quad (when available) core.  It would run the amd64 port of

In the end, since I was building a personal box, I couldn't afford to go
Opteron so I went with Asus board with Athlon.


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