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Re: USB memory stick and flashcard mount failure

Thanks to all who responded to my original post. The problem is
apparently that USB memory sticks and flash cards (and probably other
external memory cards) often have unique formatting that is understood
by Windows but not by Linux. The best solution suggested so far (from
Juha Tuuna, shown below) is to zero the device, and then partition and
reformat it. This installs a more standard VFAT format on the device. I
don't have the vfat option for mkfs on my Linux setup so I did the zeroing and partitioning with Linux and then the formatting with Windows. Devices now work fine with both systems and, for the flash card, still work in a Canon Powershot digital camera.

Should note that if the usbmount package is installed, then fstab
doesn't need to be changed and a mount command is not needed. The device
mounts automatically when inserted into the USB port.

This on Debian Sarge plus kernel 2.6.8.


Juha Tuuna wrote:
On Friday, 12. January 2007 16:47, Herb Howe wrote:
I'm having problems mounting either a memory stick or a flashcard using
Debian, kernel 2.6.8.
There are lots of questions on the web about this problem but few simple
answers. If there is a known workable solution online, could someone
supply the URL?


I had exactly the same problem. I copied the files on the Windows box, inserted the stick into the Debian box and zeroed the whole stick
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda
Then I created a single primary partition with cfdisk on the usb stick
cfdisk /dev/sda
formatted it
mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
and copied the files back.
At the moment the stick works fine under both Debian and Windows XP.

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