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Re: PPRacer and video card problem

David Shultz wrote:
modprobe fb_nvidia_i2c

I did exactly that it gives an error message:

FATAL: Module fb_nvidia_i2c not found.

I may have missed it. What kernel are you running?

I'm using kernel 2.6.8-3-386

I don't see it for 2.6.8 although there is an fb_riva_i2c, which is probably
not what you need.

I see fb_nvidia_i2c in my copy of where it's labelled "new." That might make it too new even for etch.

If you want to upgrade the kernel, the latest is from kernel.org.
Judging from your knowledge level that might be challenging. although there
are Debian packages to automate the kernel build process.  I think the
easiest way might be to locate and install the proprietary driver.  (Ugh.)

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