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Re: Open (helper application chooser) for iceweasel/icedove is too simple

Hello Kent.

Kent West, 10.01.2007 17:44:
> Sven Arvidsson wrote:
>> On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 09:20 -0600, Kent West wrote:
>>> Sven Arvidsson wrote:
>>>> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 02:02 +1100, Geoff Reidy wrote:
>>>>> It's awful, if I just type in "/usr/bin" I get "/usr/src//bin" because
>>>>> of it's autocompletion, so you have to type slowly and watch what it's
>>>>> doing.
>>>> I can't reproduce this.
>>> I can, and I too, absolutely hate it.
>> Is this filed as a bug? If not, please explain how it can be reproduced
>> so it can be reported.
> I thought it was a problem in iceweasel, but I can not now recreate the
> problem there. But I can recreate it in icedove, version (20061220).
> Steps:
> * Receive an email with an attachment.
> * Double-click on the attachment.
> * Select "Open with" and "Browse" or "Other".
> * Start typing "/u" and the rest of "/usr" auto-fills in, which messes
> you up when you, without looking up, continue typing "s" and following.

If I type „/u“ in my Icedove I indeed get inserterted „/usr“ but I can just
continue to type since the inserted text is selected autmatically.

Regards, Mathias


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