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Re: Open (helper application chooser) for iceweasel/icedove is too simple

Sven Arvidsson wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 02:02 +1100, Geoff Reidy wrote:
>> It's awful, if I just type in "/usr/bin" I get "/usr/src//bin" because
>> of it's autocompletion, so you have to type slowly and watch what it's
>> doing.
> I can't reproduce this.
>> Also when I try to open an app from /usr/bin, even if I point it
>> directly at the app I want it takes 30 seconds to find it!! KDE file
>> picker takes a couple of seconds.
>> Beats head against wall...
> There are performance problems, bugs, like in all software. At the
> moment I can't recall if these are being fixed during the 2.12 cycle.

It's been like this for a long time...

Personally I don't like the way gnome is going but it's their baby and
they can do what they want with it, a lot of people do like it so they
must be doing something right.

We have choices so it's all good.

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