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Re: update messages

> > > > One of the things that bothered me about what aptitude wanted to do
> > > > was that it included several packages it threatened to remove because
> > > > they were 'no longer used'. I don't know how it decided this, as the
> > > > list included packages like 'xv' and 'xearth' which I explicitly
> > > > installed and definately use quite regularly....
> > > 
> > > run aptitude in interactive mode and manually mark those packages:
> > > 
> > > aptitude
> > > 
> > > then 'u' to update, 'U' to mark for upgrade, then 'g' to see what it
> > > want to do. scroll through and mark 'm' on those you want to keep,
> > > which should mark them as manually installed. you may need to '+'
> > > them as well, to keep them around. I have not been using aptitude long
> > > (having used apt-get exclusively before), but am learning that you can
> > > actually get it to do what *you* want with a little fiddling. Then it
> > > will generally respect what you want...
> > 
> > So this behaviour could be the result of my having installed some
> > applications using 'apt-get install' rather than aptitude, leaving
> > aptitude unaware of them being manual rather than automatic
> > installs? That would explain things.
> absolutely correct. 
> keep on pluggin' away

It seems I am not out of the woods yet. I just tried executing
	apt-get install libx11-dev
which is the package I needed to install in the first place when I
got distracted onto upgrading my system..

Amoungst the actions it threatened to do was:
    The following packages will be REMOVED
     gnome gnome-core gnome-desktop-environment gnome-doc-utils gnome-office 
     lbxproxy libapache2-mod-php4 libapache2-mod-python proxymngr python-libxml2
     python-newt python2.3-imaging-tk python2.3-tk skencil sketch totem 
     x-window-system xdm xearth xfs xfwp xlibs xlibs-data xlockmore-gl xprint 
     xserver-common xv xvfb yelp 

I was again disturbed by the threatened removal of some applications I
know I regularly use (such as xearth, xv and totem), so I did some
digging starting with 'xearth', and it seems that package has been
removed from testing (but not stable or unstable) and the version I
had installed (1.1-10.1) requires xbase < which presumably
conflicts with other packages which are required for for the libx11-dev

The page which I found indicating the removal of xearth from testing is
but it doesn't give any explanation of why, and I am not sure where to
look next. 

Should I be fetching the unstable version? Or would it be better to
just install from source and forget the debian packages for this

Not sure about the other packages - totem for example appears to
have a newer version available, so I don't understand why the threat
to delete it.

And xv I havn't found at all in the packages database :-/
Digby R. S. Tarvin                                          digbyt(at)digbyt.com

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