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Re: Lynx on Etch ( Ready ? )

rjnoe@xs4all.nl wrote:

> Thank you for that. In the mean time I found the answer to my last
> question: how to get unicode keyboard input on a console as user:

>         kbd_mode -u
> I just tried this: create a file in lynx with a name with accented
> characters: works. But bookmarked it does not show correctly. But maybe
> that is not what you talk about.

That could be an analogous issue, but not the same.

Older lynx's didn't specify the charset in the header of the bookmark file.

It does now, but a quick check seems to show it's using the display
charset for that (perhaps not what one would want).

> Anyway, I can go ahead for the moment.

> Thanks again // Jasper.

no problem

Thomas E. Dickey

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