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Re: dell power edge

Albert Dengg wrote:
the 64bit mode of opterons, athlon64 and intel p4/xeon is called either
x86-64, amd64 or em64t...
either way, you have to use the amd64 flavour of images

So as I understand it the amd64 and i386 install disks will work on a
P4/Xeon server - correct? If this is the case which one is recommended
amd64 or i386?

I'm about to install the i386 on a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 server but now I'm
not sure if I should/could install the i386 version or the amd64. Will
amd64 work on the P4 chip?
Justin Hartman
PGP Key ID: 102CC123

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