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Re: Installing Fonts

On 12/21/2006 03:13 AM, Daniel Haude wrote:
First off - I can't believe I'm the only person having this trouble, but
I couldn't find any useable information about this on the Net.

Well, I'm trying to install a collection of TTF fonts on my Debian
system. The strange thing is that I've managed it once but can't
reproduce the way I did it. I added an appropriately named subdirectory
under /usr/share/fonts/truetype in which I placed the fonts. Then, after
failing to get my head around a single font-related manpage I ran a few
of the scripts and programs I found mentioned and all of a sudden I
could use the fonts.

Then I tried it a again, about one hour later. After an hour's worth of
failing completely, I gave up.

Of all the font-related manpages, I found defoma-user's the most
enlightening. It consists of a single line that says:

"I have no idea what defoma-user does just yet.  I'm working on it.."

Can anybody point me to some intelligeble information on this subject?
The way I think this /should/ work is:

1. Place new fonts into some specific directory or a subdirectory
2. Run some script that scans the fonts directory tree to build
   some database/cache (actually, fc-cache seems to do just that.
   But I can't see any useful result.)
3. Possibly restart X
4. Use the fonts

The fact that there seems to be no mechanism that works just like that
indicates that font management under X is infintely more complicated
than I can begin to fathom. Why is that?


Follow Liam O'Toole's advice. To make TrueType fonts available to X Windows, I remember installing them into /usr/local/share/fonts and do "mkfontscale /usr/local/share/fonts".

The font-path would also have to be included in /etc/X11/XF86Config_4 or /etc/X11/Xorg.conf:

FontPath:  /usr/local/share/fonts

After restarting the X server, you would test that the fonts were available to X by dong "xlsfonts | grep arial" in a terminal window.

Good luck.


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