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Re: moving /var

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 02:36:16PM +0000, richard@the-place.net wrote:
> I recently tried to move /var to a new partition.  Booted from some
> live cd, moved it and edited /etc/fstab to suit.  Broke the machine
> as it wouldn't boot afterwards (in fact I recollect it booted but with
> no keyboard.  Anyway it was unusable.) I thought it might be an initrd
> problem, and had a half-baked memory that chrooting into the root
> partition and running makeinitrd or somesuch would solve it. But as
> usual I got errors from nonexistant /dev and /proc filesystems in the
> chroot and so could not build a new initrd.  So I copied /dev back
> where it came from and reverted fstab and all was well.
> I might have been more persistent but had a slow (and expensive) i'net
> connection so it was easier to give up.
> What should I have done?
Hi richard,
most of the time /var/cache/apt/archives gets filled as it is where your
debs are downloaded. About .5-1.5 GB should be ok to hold a few updates.
Use 'clean' or 'autoclean' with aptitude when needed.

This is an untested example of how to solve this:
a) create /dev/hdb1 (new partition) with cfdisk
b) mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdb1 			# format new partition
c) mount -t /dev/hdb1 /mnt 		# mount the new partition on a temporary
					# mount point
d) mv /var/cache/apt/archives/* /mnt	# move the files to the
					# temporary mount point
e) umount /mnt				# unmount temporary mount point
f) add this to /etc/fstab:		# add new partition to fstab
/dev/hdb1       /var/cache/apt/archives    ext3    	defaults 	0       1
g) mount -a				# make mount command add the new
					# mount point
h) check if all is ok with 'mount'	# check if /var/hdb1 and
					# /var/cache/apt/archives are listed
done. Next reboot will do this automatically.
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