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Re: Linux friendly colour printer?

Ron Johnson wrote:

> On 12/20/06 15:24, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Digby Tarvin wrote:
> [snip]
>> we still have printer ports, right?).  I've had better luck with Epson
>> than
> You're too young to remember when computers talked to printers via
> serial ports.  There was great celebration when printers started
> coming with Centronics parallel ports.

That would be right around the time I started computing... late 1980s.

> Macs used LocalTalk (a non-RS232 serial interface) for years.

Don't remind me.  LocalTalk and AppleTalk are both things I'm trying to
forget existed after painful experiences with it interning for the school
district for two years back in high school.

> Macs might have even connected to LaserWriters via SCSI cables, but don't 
> hold me to it.   

Why not?  They used SCSI for everything back then.  I have a SCSI scanner in
storage but need to get a PCI SCSI adapter with the right port on the back
to use it again.

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