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moving /var

I recently tried to move /var to a new partition.  Booted from some
live cd, moved it and edited /etc/fstab to suit.  Broke the machine
as it wouldn't boot afterwards (in fact I recollect it booted but with
no keyboard.  Anyway it was unusable.) I thought it might be an initrd
problem, and had a half-baked memory that chrooting into the root
partition and running makeinitrd or somesuch would solve it. But as
usual I got errors from nonexistant /dev and /proc filesystems in the
chroot and so could not build a new initrd.  So I copied /dev back
where it came from and reverted fstab and all was well.

I might have been more persistent but had a slow (and expensive) i'net
connection so it was easier to give up.

What should I have done?



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