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Re: Linux friendly colour printer?

Digby Tarvin wrote:

> I'm after thoughts on the current best colour printer to go for
> (or sites I should consult for this information)...
> I don't do a lot of colour printing, so I don't care about speed
> or heavy duty construction.
> It is mainly for CD/DVD labels, and the occasional print of a
> digital photograph. Ability to print direct to a DVD/CD would be
> convenient, but not essential.
> Still quite happy with my old HP 5MP (which has performed flawlessly
> for years) for monochrome printing.
> Main requirements are:
> Works well with Debian/Linux, ideally with good documentation
> and a manufacturer that supports Linux directly, and all features
> accessible from Linux.
> Good print quality
> Plain paper and consumables that don't have too short a shelf
> life.
> Doesn't have to be the cheapest printer on the market, but I am not
> looking for a professional machine designed for heavy use either.
> Any suggestions?

Epson Stylus C86 works great for me.  I couldn't ever get it working on USB,
but I never really considered USB suitable for printers anyway (that's why
we still have printer ports, right?).  I've had better luck with Epson than
HP, since Epson doesn't put the most expensive part of the printer (print
head) on the ink cartridge itself (you just have to clean the print head

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