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Re: apt cache files (*.bin) corruption


In article <[🔎] 4588249F.10003@cox.net>,
           José Alburquerque<jaalburquerque@cox.net> wrote:
> You know, I remember starting to experience segfault problems with apt 
> shortly after I upgraded my kernel.  I haven't fully read the apt 
> segfault bug reports but I think it is not exactly due to apt but 
> instead to something else (see 
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=401263;msg=45).  Have 
> you upgraded a kernel recently?

I have just updated my kernel, yes. Not sure if it coincided with when this
started happening, but it's certainly possible.

> At any rate, I sort of overlooked that you're using stable so I don't 
> know if the apt from testing might just "drop in".

I'll download the one from testing, and see if it does drop in to Stable.

Not sure I want to update to testing just yet, even thought it's frozen. I
think I'll wait until there's at least security support for it first.



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