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Re: apt cache files (*.bin) corruption

Andy Hawkins wrote:

In article <[🔎] 20061218154945.GA21646@localhost.localdomain>,
           Andrew Sackville-West<andrew@farwestbilliards.com> wrote:
what version of apt? there was a segfault problem in <recent sid
version>-2 or -3 which is supposedly fixed in -4. version 0.6.46-3 I
think it was.

Apologies, should have said. This is Debian Stable:

apt-get -v reports:

apt for linux i386 compiled on Mar 22 2005 07:17:03

aptitude --version reports:

aptitude compiled at Apr  7 2005 13:32:48

I'm guessing it must be something at my end, but just need a few pointers as
to what it could be?



I ran into similar problems with version 0.6.46-3 as Adrew explains above. In fact, I was referred to bug report #401263 a couple of weeks ago which was exactly what I was experiencing with apt . My present version of apt is and I no longer see this problem. So I think you may have to upgrade the version of apt you're running to make this problem disappear.

Jose Alburquerque

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