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Re: apt cache files (*.bin) corruption


In article <[🔎] 45872253.60302@cox.net>,
           José Alburquerque<jaalburquerque@cox.net> wrote:
> I ran into similar problems with version 0.6.46-3 as Adrew explains 
> above.  In fact, I was referred to bug report #401263 a couple of weeks 
> ago which was exactly what I was experiencing with apt .  My present 
> version of apt is and I no longer see this problem.  So I think 
> you may have to upgrade the version of apt you're running to make this 
> problem disappear.

But this apt hasn't been updated in a while I suspect. I'm still interested
in why this problem has suddenly started happening.

As I said, I'm still on Debian Stable, so I'm not sure if the apt from
testing will 'drop in'?


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