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Re: CVS Application

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 10:30:37PM -0500, Angelo Bertolli wrote:
> >   
> Unless... they're not the maintainer of the repository.  Sometimes you
> have to use cvs, and some people prefer cvs.  I think you're hard
> pressed to justify using subversion over cvs either, since they're
> mostly identically the same in functionality.
If by "equivalent in functionality" you really mean "subversion fixes
nearly every shortcoming and offers many enhancements, including
treating directories as first class objectsa dn maintaining version
history for moved objects and directories, among other things", then
yes, you are right own.

The beauty of subversion is that it is a virtual drop in replacement for
cvs and yet is so much more.

> As for a cvs application, uhhh, I'll pick one :  viewcvs is pretty nice.
I like ViewSVN

> ;)

> Angelo


Roberto C. Sanchez

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