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Re: CVS Application

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 07:46:43PM -0800, rocky wrote:
>> Hey,
>> apt-cahce search CVS will pull lots of CVS application on the console.
>> As a newbie to the Linux program development environment, I would like
>> to hear your valueble comments on your favorite CVS applications!
> You almost certainly want to use subversion instead of cvs.  In fact,
> there is not one good reason to use cvs nowadays unless you have an
> application that has lots of history in CVS with complex branching and
> merging that won't translate well and you actually *need* access to all
> that history on a regular basis.  Essentially, you would be hard pressed
> to justify using CVS over subversion anymore.
Unless... they're not the maintainer of the repository.  Sometimes you
have to use cvs, and some people prefer cvs.  I think you're hard
pressed to justify using subversion over cvs either, since they're
mostly identically the same in functionality.

As for a cvs application, uhhh, I'll pick one :  viewcvs is pretty nice.



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