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Re: What is the best way to install Samba

schmity wrote:
Ok I have my debian machine connected to a XP machine through a router.
 I have made several attemps to install samba using apt-get and I have
modified the smb.conf on several occations.  My first thought was to
start with a fresh reinstall of Samba so that I could start with the
original smb.conf file, but a simple apt-get remove -> apt-get install
does not replace the original smb.conf file.  I am lost on this one.


Do I need a static IP?  and if so How?
How do I start with a fresh installation of Samba?
How can I find out what I have installed using apt-get?

This works for Sarge and Win98 and may give you some pointers:

Perhaps you could modify the article (it is on a wiki) if you find you need to do anything differently?


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