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tg3 driver and kernel 2.6.8

Hallo all

I have an IBM xseries260 that i have managed to get debian up and running on. It has been up now for about 2 weeks but not really doing anything for the last week as i have been away on holiday. When i had a look at it today the networking had gone down.
The server uses the infamous broadcom 5704 chipset that uses the tg3 driver, i have experienced no promlems prior to this incident but am now getting errors when i modprobe the driver:

Firmware "tg3/tso-1.4.0" not loaded; continuing without TSO

I gather that in kernel 2.6.11 the firmware for this driver has been removed due to liscnece issues but the driver i was using in my 2.6.8 kernel has seemed fine until now.
Does anyone know how i can get this back up and running (the driver from the broadcom site does not compile).

Eddy Parris

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