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jigdo says the checksums don't match on my Etch DVD download...

Dear Debian folks,

I have so far successfully downloaded the first two DVD images for Etch RC1 i386 with jigdo.

But the third image seems to have a problem.

After jigdo finished downloading it (this took about 10 hours) it ran the checksum test and it says that the checksums don't match and my DVD image may be corrupted....

What should I do here?

Rerun some of the downloading?

Is there a way to get jigdo to sniff around in the file find some errors and throw away corrupted data and replace it with correct data it could download?

Comments welcome.

I will follow the instructions patiently until I have fixed the problem.

Loading an OS with a corrupted CDROM or DVD is a waste of time. I have learned this in the past.


Michael Fothergill

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