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Re: flashplayer9?

Wulfy wrote:
I got fed up with messages on sites saying "please update your flashplayer". so, not finding a deb for it, I googled and found this page;


I followed the instructions on that page, purged all the debs for flashplayer, installed the .so and restarted Firefox.

Firefox still insists it has the v.7 player. It also says way down on about:config that it has the v.9 player.

Sites like <http://www.bagbybeowulf.com/video/index.html> still say I have to update...

How do I get FF to forget about v.7???

You probably still have the ver7 .so in one of the plugins paths for Firefox. Do a "locate libflashplayer.so" and rename/move any that you aren't confident is the v.9 version out of any relevant plugins directories.

On an aside, I tried a beta of 9; audio would often lock into a repeating stutter, but someone pointed me to a more recent beta, and most of the audio problems went away. But there were still enough irritations that I've gone back to 7, and when I come across a site that needs 9, more often than not, that site loses my eyeballs. Occasionally I'll quickly flip over to 9 (I just rename-swap the 7 and 9 versions of the file and restart FF).

Kent West
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