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Re: Which version

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 09:53:16PM +0200, Justin Hartman wrote:
> Hi Guys
> For sake of not repeating the same topics in this thread I will start
> off by saying that I am also a recent convert to Debian Testing PPC
> from Ubuntu 6.10. My primary motivation for moving to Debian was as a
> result of a recent decision by Canonical to drop support for PPC as of
> the end of version 6.10.
> I invested a lot of time and resources in getting my Ubuntu system
> 'stable' only to discover that my life cycle with Ubuntu would in fact
> not last very long and this was a hugely disappointing factor for me.
> >From a ethical point of view this made me realise that as long as any
> company is behind any kind of distro the only thing that will
> ultimately matter is the companies bottom-line and not the end user.
> I figured it would be wise to terminate my relationship with Ubuntu
> immediately, rather than later, and start the lengthy process of
> migrating everything over to Etch.
Hi Justin,
As an owner of a ppc, I have no problem with Canonical dropping support
for PPC macs, they are a company focused on the desktop, which is why
they initially supported PPC macs. Once that market no longer was to be
supported, they had little choice, as they have limited resources to
further their goal to bring users to the linux desktop. Luckily the PPC
platform has some life left in the embedded market and to a lesser
extent the PPC mac users. And with the recent 'vancouver' document that
was added as a new release standard from etch and forwards, some of the
architecures that are now supported may be dropped from official status
or removed. The obvious case being m68k -- aka the orginal macs -- not
being in Etch. In the upcoming release cycle -- lenny, I'd love to see
m68k and other arch. still be here but they have an uphill battle no
matter what distro you pick.
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