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Re: Which version

Troy Bull wrote:
> I am totally new to debian.  I recently downloaded and installed 3.1r4 I
> noticed that is seems very old.  

NO, that's plainly not true. Stable sarge was released 1 1/2 years ago.
That's not very old. If you are comparing to other distros you should
compare the enterprise versions of different distributions to debian
sarge. On these measures debian sarge, aka stable, aka 3.1 is not 'very
old'. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has about the same version numbers as
sarge. Suse had older software before 10.0 came out last July. [1]

> I noticed the kernel was 2.4 something, and open office was 1.1.  These
> are two examples only, that make me wonder if everything else is equally
> out dated.  Should i choose a different distribution to get the current
> stuff?

If you want to test the next stable release upgrade to 'etch', if you
want to test all the new software (and are capable of dealing with
software that occasionally might break) upgrade to 'testing' or 'unstable'.

If you just need a couple of recent software and want keep the rest
'stable', use backports.org.

There is lots of documentation about this on debian.org, in the
archieves of this list or obtained via a google search.


[1] distrowatch.com

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